Cutting edge restaurant technologies to help increase revenue, lower costs, improve operations, and retain guests.

Cutting edge restaurant technologies

to help increase revenue, lower costs,

improve operations, and retain guests. 


Guest Analytics by Upserve

  • Connect the dots between your restaurant’s systems – point of sale, payments and more – into easily digestible insights.

  • Unlock the the customer data flowing through your existing point-of-sale system--data that Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express have been hoarding.

  • Understand your most valuable customers, the details of their latest visit, and what you can do to drive repeat loyalty.

  • Understand not only which menu items sell the most, but which ones actually drive the most repeat business.



  • Streamline restaurant operations and raise productivity with an iPad-based restaurant POS system.

  • Extremely powerful yet simple to use and easy to train on. The most intuitive system available. Setup is easy and highly customizable.

  • Tableside Service: Breadcrumb POS makes taking orders at the table easy with iPad minis.

  • Breadcrumb POS integrates with the most popular restaurant technologies such as PeachWorks, Avero, GrubHub, and dozens more.

  • Manage your restaurant from anywhere, 24/7



  • Take inventory, place orders, and analyze sales data on one easy-to-use platform.

  • Ditch the pen, paper and Excel. Calculate your bar’s sales, profit, and pour costs across each beverage category.

  • Build and cost each drink recipe directly in BevSpot to find ways to reduce pour costs across your entire menu.

  • Access anywhere: Digitize your beverage orders, invoice, and delivery receipts in the cloud, accessible from anywhere.


Food Inventory by BevSpot

  • Understand what’s selling and what’s going to waste

  • Take faster, and more accurate inventory.

  • Organize and centralize your record-keeping.

  • Popular features include food costing, loss reporting, usage reporting and recipe management.

  • BevSpot tells you where you’re losing money and what’s sitting on your shelves, so you can make smarter, more profitable ordering decisions.


Waitlist and Reservations by TableUp

  • Increase guest engagement and operating efficiency while managing your waitlist, online reservations, tables, and servers from an iPad at the host stand.

  • Boost table turns and guest frequency by over 15% while saving you time and inefficiency.

  • Increase guest engagement: 40% of guests view your branded web page for updates while waiting for a table.


Customer Loyalty by TableUp

  • Custom loyalty programs + staff Incentives

  • Offer both spend based loyalty and custom beverage/food clubs that create excitement and drive traffic when you need it most. No more loyalty cards.

  • Tie in customer loyalty with online ordering, FOH management, and automated marketing all in one platform.

  • Customers engage through your own private label mobile app and/or progressive web app.


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