Easy. Fast. Powerful. Reliable. 

A single POS and management platform with everything you need to run smoother shifts, grow your business, and provide remarkable hospitality. 

Feature Highlights

  • Menu Customization: Whether you’re adding items, changing modifiers, inputting descriptions, or setting up a late night menu, making menu edits is simple and fast from any computer or tablet.
  • Tableside Ordering and Payments: Take hospitality to your guests with iPad mini. Free your servers from the constraints of fixed terminals to spend more time with your guests. Signature on screen. 
  • Online Ordering: Provide a smooth online ordering experience for your guests without commissions, extra hardware, managing multiple menus or transcribing orders. 
  • EMV Chipcard: Don’t spend precious time working about chargebacks. Breadcrumb offers an EMV POS solution designed specifically for restaurants—secure and speedy.
  • Offline Mode: No internet? No problem. Continue to create checks, send orders to the kitchen and capture credit cards. 
  • Voids & Comps: The ability to void or comp an item is key. Breadcrumb makes it easy to void or comp an entire check by either percentage or dollar amount. Varying access levels let you designate who can make and approve changes to the bill. 
  • Menu Inventory Countdown: Stay in tune with what's available and what’s been 86’d with Breadcrumb’s menu inventory countdown. 
  • Shift Notes: Alert your staff to important messages directly on the main screen of your POS. 
  • Discounts and Voids: know the reason, person, meal and other important details behind every discount and void. 
  • Huge third-party technology marketplace: Seamlessly integrate with common solutions for accounting, scheduling staff, managing inventory and more. 


Easy for your Staff

  • Full Featured Training Mode: Your staff can train using your workflows, menu and other data without taking each terminal out of service. Transactions aren’t sent to reporting, and credit card swipes aren’t processed.
  • Customer Check Management: Servers can merge, transfer and split checks fast. Whether splitting a check or splitting a bottle of wine, it’s just a few taps and you’re done. 
  • Menu Search: Your servers won’t get lost in the menu. With Breadcrumb POS, servers can quickly lookup menu items or categories using a quick-search window.
  • Employee Management: For a bartender, a tap on the Breadcrumb screen opens up the quickservice menu. For the hostess, it’ll be the FOH floor plan. 

Easy Setup and Outstanding Support

  • Easy Onboarding: Upserve’s dedicated team will help you set up your restaurant POS system in 24 hours or less. 
  • Your POS hardware will arrive with your custom food and drink menus already installed. And when you are ready to get started, a certified POS installation expert can help you assemble and connect your POS with ease. 
  • Continuous Free Software Updates: With Breadcrumb, your POS is constantly evolving to meet your needs—bug fixes, security patches and feature updates.
  • Dedicated Upserve Success Manager, plus 24/7/365 U.S. based in-house support team based in Denver and Providence Rhode Island are available to you via phone, live chat or email.
  • Magic Sauce is with you each step of the way as your liaison and advocate--from your very first POS demo to forever. 

upserve_hq3_Menu_Intelligence_Macbook (1).png

Breadcrumb Comes Fully Integrated with Upserve HQ

Upserve HQ gives you insights on everything you need to dish out amazing guest experiences.

Connect the dots between your restaurant’s systems – point of sale, payments and more – into easily digestible insights.

Unlock the the customer data flowing through your existing point-of-sale system--data that Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express have been hoarding. 

Understand your most valuable customers, the details of their latest visit, and what you can do to drive repeat loyalty.

Understand NOT ONLY which menu items sell the most, but which ones actually drive the most repeat business.


POS Hardware

  • With Breadcrumb’s reliable, portable and flexible technology, you’ll save over 50% compared to traditional POS systems. 
  • Clunky legacy systems, expensive hardware and hard-to-update tools are a thing of the past.
  • Breadcrumb runs on Apple iPad POS hardware designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of your restaurant. 
  • iPad is durable, reliable, and easy to use, making it ideal for your restaurant POS system.
  • POS Slice Stand: Breadcrumb’s durable and intuitive stand for iPads is easy to flip, rotate and turn around for instant customer signature capture. 
  • Flexibility to purchase, finance, or use existing tablets you already own. 


Upserve Live Mobile App

  • Stay in control of your restaurant(s) without getting stuck in the back office. 
  • Track restaurant sales, labor costs, discounts/voids, guest behavior, 86’d items, as well as historical trends. 
  • Available for both iPhone and Android

Want to see the Breadcrumb POS in action?

We would love to learn more about your business and schedule some time to demonstrate how the Breadcrumb POS can help you run a more efficient restaurant. 

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