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Magic Sauce provides powerful technologies to help restaurants increase revenue, lower costs, improve operations and retain guests. 

As a kid, over the course of about nine years, I worked my way through school in several restaurants, in various roles. Since 2013 Magic Sauce (previously called Invisible Insights) has been providing FOH technology solutions to restaurants. We started off with an amazing FOH data analytics product, and over time, have slowly added other best-in-class technologies—cloud-based POS, bar management, food inventory, waitlist and reservations, social Wi-fi, and loyalty. 

We’ve become a little obsessed with restaurant technology, always keeping current with the latest and greatest. And each year we attend the National Restaurant Association show and scour the massive show floor looking for the most interesting and useful technologies for our restaurant clients. This is in-between gorging on all of the amazing all-you-can-eat samples! 

As an independent consultancy, we are free to represent whichever products we choose. We listen to our customers and spend an enormous amount of time comparing companies and technologies, and only choose to work with those companies that meet our very high standards.

Although we represent several different products and companies, WE WORK FOR YOU, and not for the companies that we represent. We always have your best interests in mind, and will never recommend something that we don’t feel is right for your restaurant or bar.

We act as your trusted adviser, advocate and representative throughout your involvement with the product. During your initial engagement with any of the companies that we represent, you may interact with several different people, from sales reps, to on-boarding specialists, to account managers. If you stick with any product long enough, you’ll be assigned many different account reps over the course of time. Sometimes things that are communicated can get lost in translation as different people are involved in the process. I’m sure you may have experienced this from time to time. We are very hands on and work behind the scenes to make sure that things go smoothly, and that promises made are promises kept. 

By working with Magic Sauce, you get to have your cake and eat it too. You pay no more by choosing to work with us then if you contacted one of the companies directly. In fact, we work to get you the best deal possible. 

In addition to taking great pride in providing great service to all of our restaurant customers, our financial incentives are also aligned with your success. We are compensated for as long as you continue to use the product. This means that it is in our best interest to make sure that you are satisfied and getting the most out of the given technology.

With Utmost Sincerity, 

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President / Magic Sauce