Efficiently manage your wait list, reservations, servers, and seating. 

TableUp is more than waitlist, its part of a comprehensive Guest Retention Platform that allows restaurants to provide a seamless guest experience across multiple touch points. 




Your restaurant can…


  • Increase table turnover by optimizing servers and seating
  • Capture guest preferences for future dining experiences
  • Build long term relationships by digitally connecting with guests
  • Obtain real-time guest and server analytics
  • Integrate directly into an existing POS
  • Seamlessly connects Online Ordering and Loyalty


Benefits to your guests…


  • Monitor position on wait list, reducing dropouts
  • Pre-order ahead of time, increasing table turnover
  • Provide real-time feedback to management
  • Share dining preferences with wait staff
  • Connect on social media, allowing for future marketing
  • View custom restaurant announcements

Want to see the TableUp Front of House in action?

We would love to learn more about your business and schedule some time to demonstrate how the TableUp Front of House can help you decrease wait times and increase table turnover.

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