Powerful insights you didn’t know you could know.


Upserve unlocks the customer payment data that Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover have been hoarding, and combines it with your existing POS data. 


Sales Analytics

  • How many new vs. repeat customers walked through your doors last month? It costs 5x as much to a new customer than to keep an existing one. Track all repeat customers WITHOUT the need to sign up for a loyalty program.

  • See what hours of the day typically have the highest average sales. Use this data to schedule your best staff accordingly.

  • View sales data in a way that’s super easy to make sense of. No need to export and manipulate rows of POS data.

  • Hover and click to view comparisons with last week, last quarter, last year or other periods.


Server Performance

  • Create a personalized report card for each of your servers that shows a history of their performance in sales (itemized by category and menu item), covers, turn time, voids and discounts.

  • Identify which servers need the most coaching right now – so you can take immediate action that will have the biggest impact your bottom line.

  • Uncover the strengths and weaknesses of each server to see how they rank with their peers in selling specific menu items during certain shifts.

  • Once you’ve done the coaching, arrange a server contest for some friendly competition. You can easily track how your team is progressing.



Menu Intelligence

  • Understand how each menu item is performing at a glance.

  • Combines POS and payment processing data to tell you which menu items turn the highest % of new customers into repeat customers —a previously unknowable statistic.

  • The Magic Quadrant shows you in a single view, which menu items bring the most people back. Scroll over individual items to see detailed performance stats.

  • Use this data to coach your servers to push the “Hidden Gems”—items that have a high customer retention/return rate, but you don’t sell a lot of.

  • Menu engineering on it’s own isn’t effective without staff training. Upserve connects your menu’s performance with server performance.


Daily Digest Email

  • No need to dig into the data: Get sent the most important tidbits.

  • What happened last night? Upserve delivers the most important insights through an early-morning email called the Daily Digest.

  • The Daily Digest is a powerful daily email with only the most vital info about your business such as sales, labor costs, menu performance, server performance and notes from managers.



Mobile App

  • Upserve Live is an iOS and Android app designed to give you real-time access to your restaurant’s performance with intuitive analytics.

  • Put your restaurant management software in your pocket. Track sales, labor costs, discounts and comps, historical performance, 86’d items and more--all in real time.

  • Upserve Live lets you see every void or discount — and the reason for each one — directly in app. See what’s become comped, when, across servers, dishes or customers.

  • Keep on top of multiple locations with a single tap.



Getting setup is super easy. Upserve works with your existing POS system. There’s no software, hardware or integration required. It works without any change to your operations or customer experience.


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