Do you want a more transparent, painless way to track inventory costs and quantities? Streamline Back-of-House restaurant operations with BeveSpot Food Inventory. 


Inventory Management

  • Take faster, more accurate inventory. 
  • Fast Input, Count Offline: The Inventory Calculator cuts your inventory time in half and Offline Mode saves your counting to the cloud, even when the internet connection is spotty. 
  • Storage Areas: Organize your storage to reflect your restaurant’s unique setup. Easily add walk-ins, dry storage and freezers. 
  • Flexible Units: Do you order beef by the pound, but count every filet? Flexible units keep your data accurate. 


Purchasing & Inventory Management


  • Organize and centralize your record-keeping
  • Digital purchasing and filing: Whether you order by phone, in person, online or through BevSpot, catalog past purchases and manage invoices from each vendor. 
  • Reconcile Invoices: Stop chasing down receipts. Reconcile your purchases against your BevSpot invoices to make sure you’re really getting what you paid for. 
  • Item Archive and Purchase History: Keep a detailed history of every item in your kitchen—perfect for rotating seasonal menus.


Understand What’s Selling and What’s Going to Waste

  • Excess Inventory Report: Identify products sitting on the shelf, empowering you to make smarter purchasing decisions, and make smarter purchasing decisions that save you money. 
  • Build and cost each drink recipe directly in BevSpot to find ways to reduce pour costs across your entire menu. 
  • Calculate your bar’s costs, sales, profit, and pour costs across each of your beverage categories

Manage Multiple Bars with Enterprise Dashboard

  • Compare performance across your locations, including sitting inventory, ordering, usage, and sales. 
  • Quick switch between accounts with one username, perfect for beverage directors managing multiple locations. 
  • Control employee-level permissions for your entire bar staff, across each location and across the entire group. 

Want to see BevSpot Food Inventory in action?

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